When thinking of the word “fireplace” we often think of a traditional stone hearth with a warm blazing fire inside, with a tall chimney that extends out and beyond the roof top. While that’s true, there is another type of fireplace that uses ideally the same functionality as your average fireplace, with a few changes. The B-vent, or natural, fireplaces do not have a sealed combustion chamber, and the smoke ventilates through the buoyance of natural gas. It uses either a traditional chimney to vent, or a B-vent pipe that is enclosed in a combustible material.


To keep the flames going, a B-vent fireplace uses the air surrounding the fireplace opening. Naturally, since heat rises, the flue gasses are hot and ascend up through the chimney. This pattern of air flow allows the hot gas to exit the house. As the flue gasses make their way up the chimney, the interior walls of the chimney continually increase heat throughout the duration of the fire. The heated walls allow the gasses to maintain their temperature and increase buoyancy as well as speed, as the gas is emitted into the outside. The idea behind the B-vent fireplace is to use the natural draft and air flow inside the room to keep the fire going and develop a pattern up the chimney to emit the flue gasses.


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