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7 Reasons Why a Traditional Fireplace Provides Outstanding Value for Your Home



In this day and age homeowners are going to great lengths to add the most unique and high-tech equipment to their homes to provide a more comfortable living environment. Most of these additions are very costly, expensive to maintain, and mostly go unused shortly after installation. A traditional fireplace is the type of addition that has been popular for centuries, and continue to be popular for homeowners and families alike. Additionally, traditional fireplaces are affordable to install, easy to maintain, and provide a unique experience for everyone in the family. Here are 7 reasons why a traditional fireplace provides an outstanding value for your home.



1.  Warmth at All Times

This may be an obvious reason to owning a traditional fireplace, but it is one that can be overlooked at crucial times of the year. While it is very clear that a fireplace can bring warmth to your home, it needs to be noted how influential this heat can be taken for granted until you are left without it. When the electricity goes out, a fireplace will more than likely be the only source of heat for your home. Therefore, the warmth that a fireplace can provide when all else fails a very important reason for installing for the return on investment it can bring your family and your home.


2.  Fire for Cooking

More likely than not your fireplace is located in your living room where you and your family spend the majority amount of time together while at home. Instead of having to run back and forth to the kitchen while cooking, take advantage of the cooking convenience and location of your fireplace when trying to make a meal. Additionally, if your fireplace is indoors cooking marshmallows and hotdogs on a stick can bring the fun indoors for everyone to enjoy!


3.  Ecofriendly

In this day and age, it is very important to provide an ecofriendly environment to all parts of your life.  Owning and using a fireplace for wood burning uses less fossil-fueled energy supply which is a great way to live ecofriendly. Furthermore, using your fireplace and burning wood uses a source that has a zero carbon footprint so you can be assured you are living comfortable and giving back to your living environment!

4.  Budget of Owning One

As electricity prices continue to rise, you can be rest assured that the price of maintaining an operating a natural fireplace will remain cheap and affordable for many years to come. There is no price for fire other than the time/effort you put into starting it. Following this further, while most home utilities require a qualified technician, most fireplace repairs and maintenance can be done by the owner which saves a lot for the wallet and the hassle of hiring someone. The main cost for a fireplace is wood, which will save you a lot of money in comparison to a growing utility bill.   


5.  Added Ambiance

Many homeowners go to far and expensive lengths to add additional ambiance to their home or living area. A project such as sun roof, or landscape lighting can run a homeowner upwards of two thousand dollars, let alone the time to hire a contractor and for installation. If you’re planning on owning your current or future home for at least five years, a traditional fireplace is a very affordable return on investment to own.


6.  Little Maintenance

Rarely do fireplaces require repairs, and if they do, the maintenance repair cost is low and affordable. Other than simple repairs, most of your maintenance will consist of replacing wood, and regular cleaning of ash and soot buildup. Fireplaces needed to be cleaned regularly, just as often as you clean your stove or floors overtime when they become dirty.   

7.  Provides Romance & Scent

Along with ambiance, a traditional wood burning fireplace provides the classic fire scent and extra romance to the home. Whether your curled up next to that special someone watching a movie or simply watching the flames of the fire in front of you. A traditional fireplace adds a touch of love and romance to home or living area. The scent of a wood burning has been replicated through candles, fragrances, and perfumes, but owning a traditional fireplace gives that unique smell that cannot be easily replicated.


Whether you’re preparing for the cold winter ahead, thinking about adding an addition onto your home, or simply looking for something to spark up your life, adding a traditional fireplace to your home provides the best return on investment for your living area and family. Make sure to check out Aspen Fireplaces large selection of traditional fireplaces to get yours today! For more information related to this topic, check out these other articles listed below.


Resist the Rust: Replacing the Chimney Chase Cover

Being a stand out feature in many homes as well as a means of staying cozy during the harsh Columbus, Ohio winter months, a fireplace and its working conditions are often forgotten about when not in use. The hot summer months are the ideal time to inspect your fireplace and make improvements before putting it back to work in the winter.

One of the most important components to check is the chimney chase cover. The chimney chase cover is the flat metal cover located at the top of the chimney that covers the opening of the chimney. Its main job is to provide an water-tight seal over the opening of the chimney. The condition of the chimney chase cover is the key indicator of the state of the fireplace and chimney. The most common sign of a faulty chimney chase cover is rusting on the top or sides of the steel. Because it is meant to provide protection from water and other elements from entering the chimney, rust shows that the cover is not doing its job.


Most chimney chase covers are made of a lower grade galvanized steel. The problem with galvanized steel is that the moisture from the smoke exhaust causes staining and rust deteriorates the metal, both of which let water leak down into the chimney and the fireplace. Water inside the chimney can decompose the framing and lead to even greater structural damage.

To ensure your fireplace structure is in top working condition, we recommend using a stainless steel chimney chase cover. Stainless steel resists rust and deterioration from climate change, making the investment a greater payoff in the long run.


Another benefit of using a stainless steel chimney chase cover is that these are custom-made. With custom measurements you can ensure the cover fits perfectly over the opening of the chimney providing the best protection. To install a new stainless steel chimney chase cover, expect approximately half a day’s work, depending on ease of access to the top of the chimney and the size of the cover. Having the model number of the fireplace is extremely helpful when making a custom cover as well.

The chimney is the gateway into the home, so if there is damage to the chase cover or into the interior of the chimney, chances are, the damages aren’t stopping there. Visit Aspen Fireplace for your custom chimney chase and fireplace needs. The fireplace experts at Aspen Fireplace will help you decide what is best for your home.

Don’t have a chimney chase cover? Check out our blog on Chimney Crown Deterioration.

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