Lopi Leyden New Iron Wood Stove


Never hooked up or burned


• EPA Phase II Approved
• 2.3 Cubic Foot Firebox Volume
• Single Air Control
• Accepts Logs Up to 21” Long
• Cast Iron Construction
• Heavy Duty Refractory Firebrick

Heating Specifications:

Approximate Maximum Heating Capacity (in square feet)* Up to 2,000
Maximum BTU’s per Hour (Cord Wood Calculation) 73,100
Overall Efficiency (Oregon Method) 70 %
Maximum Burn Time Up to 12 Hours
* Heating capacity will vary depending on the home’s floor plan, degree of insulation, and the outside
temperature. It is also affected by the quality and moisture level of the fuel.

Regular Price: $2389

Floor model burn display: $1480