Gas fireplaces are great additions to a home because they are energy efficient, safe, and versatile. The versatility and safety of gas fireplaces is especially compelling because you can have them installed in a variety of areas around your home. You’re free to install a gas fireplace almost anywhere as long as there is access to a natural gas or propane. This freedom gives you the ability to heat unique areas of your home. Here are some interesting places you can warm up with a gas fireplace.


1. Bathroom. One way to make your bathroom warmer is by inserting a gas fireplace. This is an elegant addition to a master bathroom; however, we recommend that the fireplace is in a place where there is no danger of water contact or slipping near the unit.

gas fireplace in bathroom aspen fireplace columbus ohio


2. Kitchen. If your kitchen is a popular gathering place in your home, then a gas fireplace might be an appropriate addition. It’s also a great way to keep dinner guests warm without cranking up the heat.

gas fireplace kitchen avalon firestyle columbus ohio aspen fireplace


3. Outdoor Living Area. Adding a fireplace to your patio is a fantastic way to get more use out of your outdoor living area. Patios get plenty of use in the summer, but once some cold weather sets in they don’t get nearly as much use. A fireplace will keep the patio area warm and comfortable so that you use it more often.

isokern outdoor gas fireplace granville ohio aspen fireplace


4. Center of a Room. Adding a fireplace to the middle of an open space can tie a room together and provide a gathering place. People are drawn to the warmth which gives a room with a fireplace in the center a unique dynamic.

contemporary-indoor-gas-fireplaces  aspen fireplace columbus ohio


5. Bedroom. Don’t sleep in a cold bedroom. A gas fireplace will warm up your room so that it’s nice and toasty when you wake up in the morning.

Lennox hearth product gas fireplace in bedroom aspen fireplace columbus ohio



These are just a few of the many areas Aspen Fireplace can install your gas fireplace. Come visit at 5156 Sinclair Rd. Columbus, Ohio or contact us online to discuss which gas fireplace is best for your home.