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Smokin Hot in the South Cover - Credit Stephanie MullinsAdapted from Smokin’ Hot in the South: New Grilling Recipes from the Winningest Woman in Barbecue by Melissa Cookston, Photography © Stephanie Mullins / Andrews McMeel Publishing

Most people have that one special person that they are close to in their family. My person was my grandfather. We would hang out under a shade tree, rebuilding car transmissions, hook the wagon up to the horses and go for rides, hang out at the local coffee shop (which also served as the local BBQ joint after breakfast), basically spending time together where he would impart common sense and wisdom to his granddaughter. He was a man of few words, so when he spoke, I was tuned in and listening, eager to absorb the next morsel of information. “I really like a good coconut cake,” he would say. I didn’t want to hear that; I wanted to hear more war stories, more engine rebuilding knowledge, the common sense to know when peanuts are ready to be pulled from the ground. He did love coconut cake, so this one is for my grandfather. This recipe picks up just a hint of smoke from cooking on the grill to give it that special touch.