Wood inserts are great for those who have always felt attached to classic wood burning fireplaces, but want a heating source that is more energy efficient. Energy efficiency is one of the main benefits of wood inserts while still allowing you to enjoy the comfort of a traditional wood burning fireplace. To keep wood inserts healthy, there are some ways to take care of it that you should know about. One of these fireplace care concerns is ash disposal.

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If you use your wood insert regularly, ashes should be removed every few days. There are several ways that you can safely dispose of ash including using a pot of water and using sand. On some models of wood inserts there are ash drawers that allow you to easily remove ash. Be careful to only remove ash when the fire has died down, and even then you should expect there to be some hot embers.


Don’t let ash buildup in your wood insert. Especially don’t allow ash to build up to the loading door or around the start-up air housing located near the pilot. Make sure you don’t start a fire in your wood insert unless the ash plug and ash door are in place.


It’s a good idea to keep about 1-2 inches of ash at the bottom of your firebox to make it easier to start a fire the next time you use your wood burning insert. Fireplace ash is also a good source of fertilizer so disposing it by sprinkling along your lawn is a good idea.


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