What You Need to Know About the EPA Wood aspen fireplace columbus ohio

Earlier this year, the EPA adjusted its standards for fuel efficiency thresholds of wood stoves. The EPA will require that wood stoves meet higher standards of fuel-burning efficiency in order to be sold. By the end of 2015, all wood stoves that are sold will have to meet these new standards.

What you should know about these EPA regulations:

1. Our wood stoves will be on sale. After December 31, we will no longer be allowed to sell our older wood stove models that don’t comply with the EPA regulations. This means we have to sell the remaining stock by the end of the year. You will be able to get great deals on our wood stoves from now until the end of the year so now is the time to buy if you’re looking for a wood stove.

2. Wood Stoves will be more energy efficient. Following the regulations, wood stoves will be more effective at using fuel. Wood stoves still won’t be nearly as efficient as other heat sources like gas or electric fireplaces, but they will be much more efficient than older models.

3. You won’t be forced to replace your current wood stove. One myth of these regulations is that it will impact the wood stove you already have in your home. You will be allowed to keep your wood stove regardless of its efficiency, but if you buy a wood stove from a certified wood stove dealer after December 31, it will have to meet certain efficiency standards.

4. Only certified dealers have to meet these regulations. One aspect to consider is that dealers will be selling wood stoves for cheap to get rid of stock, but consumer-to-consumer sales will remain unregulated. As long as you’re not a business dealer, you can sell a wood stove of any efficiency.

If you’re in the market for a wood stove, now is the best time to buy one. Be sure to check out our clearance items to find the best deals available and feel free to contact us with any questions.