Aspen Fireplace is proud to be a locally owned independent Columbus Ohio business that caters to Ohio and its surrounding areas for all of their fireplace and patio needs. We are proud to be impacting the growth of the Columbus economy, and we encourage all of our customers to purchase their fireplace and patio supplies from a local supplier like Aspen Fireplace. Here are some benefits to buying locally that the national and Big-Box stores cannot offer:


Strong Customer Service

Since we have a passion for our business, we hire only those who share our knowledge and understanding of every single one of our products and services. Our installers have been expertly trained as well as our sales staff and design team. When you speak to one of our staff members, you can be sure they’re sharing the most up-to-date information and knowledge of the product.


Quality Product

Our suppliers do not use third party products or allow distribution to discount websites or bargain stores. We distribute only the highest quality products and if you find the same thing at one of the big-box retailers, you’re getting a counterfeit.


Inventory Flexibility

Since we don’t partner with any national chain stores, we have the power to offer a variety of products and services, based on our past and current customer feedback. We have the independence to update our products and services regularly, depending on the season, trends and demand.


Aspen Fireplace has been serving the Columbus community for over 25 years, and we continue to grow and expand our products and services thanks to our loyal customers. With a wide range of products including fireplaces, stoves, patio furniture, grills and custom fireplace and patio designs, we are sure to have something that fits your design taste!