In the dead of winter, is there anything cozier than a warm, crackling fire? We don’t think so, but we’re a little biased! While fires are a great way to warm a chilly house and provide a beautiful backdrop in the fireplace, there are some dangers. The most common danger is embers that come outside of the hearth and ignite on nearby carpet, rugs or anything else that is easily flammable. One simple solution, and a design addition to the fireplace, is to install fireplace doors for safety, among many other benefits. Here are some benefits of adding glass doors to your fireplace:



As we stated before, adding doors to the fireplace adds to the safety of a live burning fire. It catches embers or sparks that may exit the fireplace and keeps the fire more contained. If you’re using real logs, as the fire progresses the logs are burned down and tend to shift throughout the burning process. The doors will also keep the logs in place and greater assurance that a log will not leave the area in which it is burning. Glass doors also offer a protective barrier for pets and children while the fire is burning.


Energy Efficiency


Glass doors provide a great seal that does not let cold or hot air enter into the home through the chimney. Even if the damper is closed, the draft from the outside still comes in through the fireplace, which can make utility bills jump each month. Glass doors provide the insulation needed to ensure you are not paying any more than necessary for the HVAC bill each month.


Reduces Smoke

Whether a fire is burning or not, often times after a rainy or windy day, a draft of smoke will come through the chimney and penetrate to the surrounding area. Soot particles can also escape even after the fire has been extinguished, which can stain carpet, furniture and window treatments in close proximity to the fireplace.


Aesthetic Appeal

The fire is beautiful while it’s burning, but after, it leaves a mess of ashes and burnt logs. The glass fireplace doors hide the imperfections and provide a nice aesthetic addition to any room.

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