Fireplace doors are a combination of style and function. They make your fireplace safer and more energy efficient, but they also contribute to the style of whatever room they’re in. Fireplace door style mostly boils down to personal preference, but it’s good to know what options are out there so that you can make the optimal choice for your home. One choice is bi-fold or cabinet door style which is described in this blog post. Then you have a choice between an arched fireplace door design or a non-arched design. Finally, the finish is a big stylistic factor when choosing between fireplace doors.

arched door design

Above is an example of fireplace doors with clear a natural finish, strap hinges (notice the handles at the top) and an arched window pane design. This is a pretty standard set of fireplace doors that is appropriate for a wide variety of home design styles. These fireplace doors are also an example of cabinet-opening style doors.


This next example is of a set of fireplace doors with an antique brass finish, non-arched, strap hinges, and a bi-fold design. These doors are not too different than the first example, but you can see that the finish has a pretty dramatic impact on the style. These doors would be better suited for a traditional style home.

lancaster brushed brass

This final example is of bi-fold, non-arched, and brushed brass finish fireplace doors. The minimalist design and 3-D appearance makes these doors perfect for a modern-looking home.


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