A gas insert fireplace is a great way to safely and efficiently supplement the heating in your home while capturing the charm of a traditional fireplace. A gas insert fireplace is also a great addition to your home’s décor. If you decide to upgrade your wood-burning fireplace to an energy efficient gas insert, you have the option of installing it yourself. A gas insert is difficult to install by yourself, but if you have a strong DIY spirit it’s a good way to challenge your skills. If you’re not intimidated by the challenge, here’s what you should know.


It will take about 1-2 days to install a gas fireplace insert. Installing a gas insert is a significant time investment. There are a number of steps and some will take a while to complete depending on how handy you are. For some people, one step will be to run gas and electricity lines to the fireplace. This should only be done by a professional so be sure to include that time in your estimate before you can have the insert working properly.


You probably need to do some shopping. Once you have your gas insert picked out, there are some other items that you will need to install it. You will need high-temperature silicone sealant, fiberglass insulation, screws and nails, a drill, and a caulking gun.


You can save time by having a professional do it. The experts at Aspen Fireplace have installed a lot of fireplaces and we would be happy to help you install yours. If you want to make sure your fireplace gets installed correctly, contact us and we’ll make sure it gets done properly. You can also pick out a gas insert fireplace and gas logs at our showroom.


For a video on how to install a gas insert, check out this article from ThisOldHouse.com: http://www.thisoldhouse.com/toh/video/0,,20832677,00.html. They provide some helpful instructions that should get you started.