Fireplace X – 4237 SERIES PRODUCTS

Two extra-large models are available in our 4237 Collection, both of which feature 60,000 BTUs and 1,554 square inches of ceramic glass. These models are grand statement pieces that are ideal for heating great rooms and large gathering places.

4237 Ember-Glow Deluxe
This model is our largest heater. The 4237 Ember-Glo? Deluxe appears to be - large masonry fireplace while embodying the performance and functionality of today?s superior gas heating technology. This model features our handcrafted IronWorks double doors

4237 Ember-Glow Deluxe Clean Face
This is the ?clean face? version of the 4237 Ember-Glo? Deluxe, featuring - sleek, decorative trim with very little metal surrounding the glass fireview.

60"000 BTUs

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