There are many reasons why someone would want a fireplace in their home. Fireplaces have remained an architectural bonus over the years and are still considered to be a highly desired addition to a home. The top two reasons that attract most consumers to this classic form of heating are decoration or energy efficiency. Technology in fireplaces has evolved over the years and there are several options to heat your home.  With the choices available, each with its own set of benefits, the questions is which you should buy for your home: a wood-burning insert or gas insert?

Wood burning fireplaces remain a classically beautiful addition to a home and rustic fans still desire to go this route. The benefit of the wood-burning fireplace is of course the obvious, it definitely delivers the heat for large spaces. This type of fireplace is recommended for country home lovers that appreciate the nostalgia of chopping or purchasing firewood. For some homeowners this is still a very convenient and preferred amenity. Wood-burning fireplace fans appreciate the variety of sizes as well. They can range from being small, medium, or large. Although this type of fireplace is ideal for lots, it is important that you prequalify yourself for the maintenance of going in this direction. There is a matter of chimney cleaning, ash, odor, and storing logs to consider. A wood-burning fireplace to someone that is unfamiliar is most certainly a lifestyle change. This is not recommended for homes with light carpet, the maintenance can be very messy.

The gas insert is a fantastic route for homeowners that are fans of low-maintenance living. The eco-efficient homes go this route because of the clean and easy heat it provides. Gas inserts are controllable and also provide fantastic heat without the need of electricity. This is very convenient in the case of a power-outage and staying warm in the winter is a fantastic bonus. A very large room can be very well-heated through gas without any hassle or mess as the gas insert doesn’t need any chimney cleaning.


Choosing the right fireplace for your home is a decision of lifestyle. The wood burning is certainly more maintenance than the gas insert but either option is great on heat. Whichever route you decide to go, be sure that it best suits your lifestyle or you could have a pretty difficult winter. Whether you decide to purchase a wood or gas fireplace, it is imperative to remember to have it serviced once a year. Most people will wait until the worst possible time to have it taken care of, which is when it fails on you, but the professionals say to take care of it during the spring or summer – before the busy season. Contact us to choose the right fireplace for your lifestyle.