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Taking Care of Wood Inserts: Ash Disposal

Wood inserts are great for those who have always felt attached to classic wood burning fireplaces, but want a heating source that is more energy efficient. Energy efficiency is one of the main benefits of wood inserts while still allowing you to enjoy the comfort of a traditional wood burning fireplace. To keep wood inserts

Wood Burning Fireplaces vs. Gas Inserts

There are many reasons why someone would want a fireplace in their home. Fireplaces have remained an architectural bonus over the years and are still considered to be a highly desired addition to a home. The top two reasons that attract most consumers to this classic form of heating are decoration or energy efficiency. Technology in fireplaces has

7 C’s of Choosing Gas Fireplace Over Wood-Burning

Selecting the right type of fireplace should be simple, right? Many homeowners debate this issue as they like the atmosphere that a traditional wood-burning fireplace can offer but seek the cleanliness and ease offered with gas fireplaces. What many homeowners fail to see are the additional benefits that a gas fireplace can offer. The following

6 Steps for Starting a Fire in a Wood Fireplace

Wood inserts and wood stoves are great fireplace options for those that prefer the authentic sounds and smells of a wood-burning fire. However, getting the fire going in the fireplace can be tricky for those without a great deal of fire-starting experience. Fortunately, this guide will tell you how to get your fireplace blazing in

Benefits of a Wood Fireplace Insert

Wood burning fireplaces will always create a cozy, rustic ambience that makes a house feel like a home. There’s just something special about the crackle of logs burning that gives wood burning fireplaces an authentic feeling. Unfortunately, traditional fireplaces are not very energy efficient and don’t heat rooms very well. The good news is that

Medium Flush Wood Hybrid-Fyre ® Arched

Source : LopistoveDescriptionAccessoriesspecDimensionsInstallationDocuments Enjoy higher efficiency and lower heating bills with the Medium Flush Wood Hybrid-Fyre, the first and best completely flush wood fireplace insert on the market. This medium sized insert provides extraordinary heat, and its classic architecture along with the large viewing area of the single door are complementary to virtually all styles.

Medium Flush Wood Hybrid-Fyre ® Rect.

Source : LopistoveDescriptionAccessoriesspecDimensionsInstallationDocuments The Medium Flush Hybrid-Fyre™ Wood Insert Rect. Is one of the cleanest burning, most efficient, mid-sized inserts in the world and certified to the new EPA 2020 standards! This wood insert burns so clean that it produces only 1.7 grams of emissions per hour using cordwood and tests at over 76% efficiency.

Cape Cod Hybrid-Fyre ® Wood Insert

Source : LopistoveDescriptionAccessoriesspecDimensionsInstallationDocuments The Cape Cod by Lopi is the most beautiful, flush cast iron wood fireplace insert on the market. The stunning cast iron design, subtle detailing and large viewing area of the single door complement all interior styles, from traditional to contemporary. This wood insert features a three-sided convection chamber, seamless 6" flue