Wood burning fireplaces will always create a cozy, rustic ambience that makes a house feel like a home. There’s just something special about the crackle of logs burning that gives wood burning fireplaces an authentic feeling. Unfortunately, traditional fireplaces are not very energy efficient and don’t heat rooms very well. The good news is that you can improve the efficiency of your traditional wood burning fireplace with a wood fireplace insert.

aspen hybrid fyre insert

Wood fireplace inserts are metal inserts that fit inside your existing masonry fireplace opening. A Flange surrounds the insert to fill the gap between the box and your hearth and a steel liner is installed in your chimney to carry combustion gases and smoke. A wood fireplace insert also includes clear doors that circulate the heat from the fire while it is burning. Most inserts even have a fan underneath to help spread warm air around the room.

The increase in efficiency for wood fireplace inserts over traditional fireplaces is significant. For a traditional fireplace, about 90% of the heat generated is just carried up the chimney. A wood fireplace insert can heat 1,000 to 3,000 square feet depending on its size. For EPA certified models, the efficiency rating of an insert can be 60% to 80%. Another benefit is that an insert makes it easier on you. Wood fireplace inserts use less wood than a traditional fireplace and also reduce the amount of maintenance needed on your chimney.

Aspen Fireplace offers all kinds of wood burning fireplace models. We have traditional designs that will maintain the rustic look of your home, or you can go with a modern design. Look for the Green Smart label on some of our inserts for that will help maximize your efficiency. Finding the perfect wood fireplace insert for your home is easy – all you have to do is contact us!